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We’re a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs

We supply manufacturers with autonomy-ready hardware kits and perception, planning, and controls software that can be designed into new vehicle forms or retrofitted to existing machines.

Visionsteer for Manufacturers

Bonsai Visionsteer

Designed by a team with decades of agriculture experience, Visionsteer optimizes grower operations by reducing costs, increasing yield, and delivering unparalleled data insights.

Technology Kit

Rugged, readily-available automotive-grade sensors and compute reduce BOM cost while delivering unparalleled performance.

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Ruggedized Copmuter
Ruggedized Computer
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Companion App
Companion App
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Your Vehicle

Game changing features.

Bonsai technology brings the precision agriculture revolution to the orchard through cutting edge technology that is specialized for your machines.

Vision-based technology

Increased safety & reliability

Vision-based understanding;
Bonsai sees like humans do.

day & night operations

Visionsteer works 24/7, enabling
increased machine utilization.

Day & Night Operations
Localization & mapping

localization & mapping

Visionsteer does not require
pre-mapping, GPS, cellular, etc.


Machine and job management
at your fingertips.

Plan jobs by matching fields and machines, then press “GO.”
Performance improvements via over the air software updates.

Always Getting Better

Performance improvements via
over the air software updates.

Companion Application

Unparalleled vehicle insights
using the Bonsai companion app.

Plan jobs by matching fields and machines, then press “GO.”

How Bonsai works
with OEMS

We partner with the best to give
you the best.


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Discussion and agreement on scope of a joint integration project.
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Vehicle development

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Vehicle Development

Joint engineering efforts to design, develop, and deploy Visionsteer.
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Joint marketing and sales activities (including demos)  as the program nears completion.
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Customer orders kick off production manufacturing, ending in delivery to customers.
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Customer success

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Customer success

Bonsai works with growers as they learn and integrate their new machine into ops. Grower success is Bonsai success.
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Safer. Smarter. Better.

Our metrics speak for themselves.
OEMs love developing with Bonsai.


Acres of data obtained by
Bonsai-enabled vehicles


Support to OEMs & growers
from the Bonsai team

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Integration time to ship
Bonsai-enabled vehicles

Let’s Work

Contact us today to schedule an overview of Bonsai’s technology, including a demonstration of Visionsteer-enabled vehicles.

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